Changee’s initiative has been tailored through time: a network specialized in integrated communication guided by specialists from different disciplines bringing to the market a completely new economic approach.

Changee defies the traditionally centralized advertising budget management in favor of an integrated and decentralized communication approach, capable of adapting to the client’s real needs and creating value for every investment regardless of the amount.


- Advertising

- Digital communication

- Corporate communication

- Media relations & digital PR

- Corporate publishing & content marketing

- Social media strategy

- Media planning & buying

- Below the line

- Events

- Internal communication

- Video production & infographics

Integration and Innovation

Strong vertical specialization within all communication areas; integration; attention to new media, especially to its digital aspect; constant interaction with top international experts through professional exchanges, partnerships, educational efforts.

Today, over 70 professionals work closely together inside the large spaces of the Changee building located in Milan.


This is why having to distribute the amount into “traditional media” and abiding to an analytical model born in the late 90’s, no longer allows a full understanding of today’s reality, it actually putting it in jeopardy.

Inside Changee we prefer to think in terms of one single media arena, in which different communication channels are deeply interconnected and subdivided into three typologies: “paid” media, media that can be acquired (any kind of advertising either web or offline); “earned” media, spaces which have to be earned through tangible actions that support a reputation (such as media relations or social networks activities); and “owned” media, which may include a company’s in-house magazine, web tv, websites and even a buildings, shops and fleets.